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Watching the morning mist creep over the ground
As I pass the docks on the edge of town
There’s darkness among all the lights
Until sun and sky reunite
And I hope it’ll put an end to this long night

Now, between the sheds of sleepless drifters
I remember a time of awkward whispers
Of young lovers trying for third base
This used to be such a good place
But it all vanished without any trace

There’s music playing from a window somewhere
And though it’s just a different shade of despair
I realize as I walk by that I still love these songs
This is where the only good thing I know belongs

Maybe it’s still there, hidden in plain sight
Maybe I got blind, or just lost the will to fight
But what do we have at the end of the day
A bunch of weary road signs to lead you astray
And we’re all busy just trying to keep failure at bay

There’s music playing…

And even though a single right doesn’t erase all the wrongs
This is where the only good thing I know belongs

There’s music playing…

Words and Music: Copyright © 2015 Ned Gale. All rights reserved.